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“Take me out to the ball game” – 29 August 2007 11 September 2007

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Adam and I joined a few of the boys from work to partake in a traditional American past-time – an outing at the baseball. The game was between arch rivals the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. I slapped my Yankees cap on and got into the spirit of the game.

Despite being sportingly challenged, I thoroughly enjoyed the night. There is something special about Yankee Stadium erupting when a Yankee hits a home run, which was done that night by some dude named Rodriguez.

Americans are passionate about their baseball. Yankee fans all around us were chanting and jeering “Boston sux! Boston sux!” (you’d think they’d be able to come up with something better after decades of intense rivalry). This was slightly worrying to me as a friend from work sitting with us was wearing a Red Sox cap. There were countless scuffles between hot-headed fans, and on more than one occasion police had to escort undesirables out of the stadium. Oh, the fun!

If there is one thing Americans are more passionate about than baseball, it’s being American. Rivalries were put aside, fists and caps were lowered and heads were held high when, as is tradition, they played “America the Beautiful” during the 7th inning. Around us, the jeers of “Boston sux! Boston sux!” suddenly turned into the not-so-sweet sounds of “O beautiful for spacious skies…”. Another strange tradition was the sand-sweepers coming out to sing and dance to “YMCA” whilst sweeping the pitch. They are a funny lot, these Yanks.

The final score was a Yankees 4-3 win. What a night it was – the lights, the noise, the hotdogs, the beer! Who would’ve thought this could be so fun!


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11 Responses to ““Take me out to the ball game” – 29 August 2007”

  1. masonhellcat Says:

    I was reading this latest entry waiting to see if food would be mentioned in this post and was getting a tad dissapointed and then *BAM* the last line had it all! Hotdogs!

    So tell us about them hotdogs… it just red frankfurt on roll at the baseball or does it come with a pile of onion and cheese? Do guys walk around selling them from big tubs, yelling their wares as they go? More food discussions please!

    (and what sort of beer is the beer de jour? Ads what are you mainly drinking? Give us the low down hey?)

  2. Trinh Says:

    OK Mason, you asked for this…


    Hotdogs on the street usually sell for $1. For that you get a 15cm or so white bun with a tiny weener, half the length and thickness of a normal frankfurt, and your choice of ketchup, mustard or both. If it makes you feel better, you can opt for the $2 dog, but the extra dollar only buys you piece of mind.

    Hotdogs at the baseball are a different kettle of fish. These are premium all beef dogs, selling at $4.75 a pop, and are only available behind the stands and not from the “yellers” who hock lemonade, peanuts and crisps.

    Hotdogs at the tennis are completely different again. These are longer, skinny, paler weeners and the most expensive I’ve had so far at $6.

    The latest hotdog I’ve had was at Coney Island. This was a “chilli dog” covered in a spicy Mexican bean mix. I had the option of either onions or sauerkraut, but opted against. Adam had a plain dog with ketchup.


    There is only one constant item in our fridge and that is beer. Adam has developed quite the taste for Heineken. But we have also quenched our thirst with Budweiser, Coors, Coronas and Samual Adams. And, beer can be purchased at a pharmacy, but not at a liquor shop – strange.

  3. masonhellcat Says:

    This is excellent! Thanks for the update Trinh!

    $1 for a hotdog sounds fantastic!! So you really get nothing extra for $2?? That’s weird!

    Do you consider paying $4.75 at the baseball an ok price for a hotdog? I mean what is that, like $6 Australian? spose that seems consistent with sporting event prices here…


    Now beer…..
    Please tell me that you guys don’t regularly have the likes of Bud or Coors. That stuff stinks! I love Samuel Adams though so that choice is to be commended!
    Are there any pubs around that sell micro-brews?

    Looking forward to further updates!

  4. faystar Says:

    Beer talk…bring it on.

    I have sampled a couple of micro-brews ranging from the, “mmm! Tasty!” to the, “ooh, nasty!”

    I am a fan of Sam Adams(“seasonal” brew is nicer than regular)and yes, I apologize Maso but I have acquired a taste for Bud…but that has alot more to do with the fact that I can buy it downstairs cheap (18 cans for $11.99!!! whoa daddy!)

    The beer at the baseball was cool. A big, big cup full. Kinda like those cups you used to get from Mcdonalds when a Star Wars movie came out. Big plastic things.

    Ah beer…its wonders never cease.

  5. masonhellcat Says:

    great stuff!! haha
    are you normally a can o beer drinker Ads or will you only do it if it’s cheap (like me)?

    Loving the sound of baseball beer!! Mmmm!

  6. faystar Says:

    Yeah, not usually a fan of “Beer in a can”. Not even the evolution of the “Big Gulp” with cans (where the hole you drink thru is simply bigger) can muster much excitement with me. Beer just doesn’t taste as good in cans. Am I right? So yeah Maso, it’s definitely a financial decision.

    Though, if I ever see an old KB beer in a gold can I’ll grab it. What happened to KB?

  7. Dags Says:

    I must say that the only beer worth drinking was definately the Sam Adams.Everything else was quite poor in all aspects. I was just amazed that their full strength beer was not even as strong as our light beer ! Gee we really are just a bunch of piss heads are we not! Make sure you don’t drink enough that you end up getting out your Ding Dang 🙂

  8. masonhellcat Says:

    Dags you just didn’t try the right stuff by the sounds of it! haha

  9. Dags Says:

    Mr hellcat, I am a bourbon drinker mainly so I downed plenty of that, but the beer was pretty ordinary. Just meant that I had to drink more to get p*ssed.Tough job but somebody had to do it ! 🙂

  10. faystar Says:

    Actually Dags, I’d hate to correct you (but I am going to…this is about beer, it’s important!)
    Budweiser is actually 5.00% alcohol volume. While Miller Beer is 4.7% alcohol. Those are both much more potent than the average Aussie beer.
    Another interesting fact is that “light beer” in America actually means “light in calories” not in alcohol volume. Infact, most light beers over here are 4.2% alcohol which is the same as the average Aussie “full strength” beer.

    So there. Aren’t I a wealth of information.

    …I better go, I’m late for my AA meeting.

  11. masonhellcat Says:


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