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Alright, prepare yourselves everyone. I am about to gush and babble about one of my all-time favourite artists: Mr James Taylor. Hey, where you going?….don’t click away….this will be interesting…..I promise!

Those of you who see me as simply a “heavy music” listening rock god who prefers a loud plugged in guitar over more subtle and gentler sounds, don’t know the real me. Sure, I like me some juicy rock and roll in all its forms, but my favourite sound on earth is the sweet strumming of an acoustic guitar. And nobody does it better than James Taylor.

I am still buzzing from seeing him live a few nights ago. It was without doubt the most perfect concert I believe I have ever seen. Especially since, only a few months ago, I had come to the conclusion that I may never see him live in concert in my lifetime. When I arrived in New York and discovered he was playing I knew I had to go. The fact that he was playing almost 3 hours away from New York didn’t stop me. The fact that the concert was sold-out didn’t stop me either. Mere obstacles on my mission. I HAD to see him.

So thanks to the magic of hire cars and the wonder of ebay I managed to sort it all out. I found some tickets, grabbed a car and we decided to make a weekend of it by spending a day or two in nearby Boston after the concert.

The concert was held outdoor under the stars in a very picturesque part of Massachusetts. Trinh and I packed a picnic, bought some alcohol and laid out a rug. Not a bad way to see live music.


James Taylor’s guitar playing is amazing, his voice is flawless and perhaps most-importantly, he is one of the greatest living songwriters. This was a hometown show for him and during his almost 3 hour set, he sat there on stage chatting to the audience about his life, his career and his music. From being discovered and signed by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, to his drug-fueled/rehab days in the late 60’s and 70’s, to his stories behind the songs like, “Fire and Rain”, “Something In the Way She Moves”, “You’ve Got A Friend” and all the others. It was very intimate and very entertaining.

I find it a bit of a shame that when we told people we were traveling so many miles to see James Taylor we were met with a response of, “Who?”. Granted most of these people were young and may not know their music history, but those of you who don’t know who he is, shame on you and I urge you to at least check out some of his music. You’ll thank me.

Best concert ever. I can now die a happy, complete man.

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  1. Trinh Says:

    I must admit that a few years back I was one of those people who would have responded with “who?” at the mention of James Taylor. I knew little of him beyond “Fire and Rain”. “JT” for me was Justin Timberlake (still the world’s greatest ever mover/shaker/groover, but I digress). After listening to many Adam Fay created James Taylor compilations, I’ve become a fan of his music. His performance at Tanglewood was simply special. He had a crowd of about 18,000 at the palm of his hand listening to his every word. The perfect night!

  2. Trinh Says:

    One other note on Tanglewood (located in the Berkshires in Massachusetts). What a magical place. I reckon even a Wiggles concert would’ve been great there. Maybe I am just a sucker for picturesque flora, but if you ever go to Boston or New York, it is worth checking it out. It would have been even more beautiful during “leef peeping” season when the leaves are red and gold.

  3. Raf Says:

    Ah, James Taylor. Or Jimmy T. Or Jay Tay. Sweet Baby Jimbo….

    Adam, I for one did not run from your blog at the mention of his name. I have spent many wasted hours attempting to play Fire & Rain/You’ve Got a Friend etc on the ‘ol acoustic just like James does, only to have it end in tears and screaming. Never has an artist inspired me to pick up a guitar and make me want to quit playing guitar at the same time.

    Seriously though, he is truly a great guitarist and songwriter, and it sounds like it was a great show. I think the closest I’ll come to seeing him is via my dad’s numerous James Taylor live DVDs…

  4. faystar Says:

    Excellent Raf. Once again, you have exquisite taste. I know what you mean about trying to play JT’s tunes on guitar…that’s a frustrating pastime.

  5. Mona Says:

    I’m with Trinh – I’m a bit of a musical ignoramus and didn’t really know who James Taylor was until Raf came along. It must have been special to listen to his music in such a beautiful setting … beats the Enmore at Newtown hands down.

  6. Livie Says:

    Hey! whats wrong with the wiggles?!?!

  7. Wil Says:

    I Heart JT (Not the guy that sang “Got time but I don’t mind…..”

    His live performances tops his well recorded albums.

    As a bass player, it’s not Flea’s bass line on Sir Psycho Sexy that made me want to hurl my Fender Jazz Bass. It was JT’s “Your Smiling Face”.

  8. faystar Says:

    Another man with taste. Thanks Wil. Your comments are forever welcome around these parts.

  9. Dags Says:

    Fay, you know what is a frustrating pastime ?
    Trying to get together with you & Simbo, at your suggestion of course, & try & belt out a few numbers of our own ! 😦
    I can’t play the guitar to save my life, but man I have the vocals 🙂
    Next time you suggest this I will know to laugh as it is truly the funniest joke I’ll hear that day !
    P.S. The MVP already has your name on it, spelt wrong of course !
    I am looking at getting to New York again next year & get to see my beloved Red Sox at Fenway.
    Cheers Dags

  10. masonhellcat Says:

    oh dags you crazy kook!

  11. Leeflang Says:

    James Taylor…? Doesn’t he coach the Rabbitohs?

  12. Dags Says:

    I thought James Taylor used to be the opening batsman for Australia 🙂

    Sorry Fay !

  13. masonhellcat Says:

    Leeflang how ya goin pal?

  14. masonhellcat Says:

    Leefers? Yoo-hoo….you there buddy?

  15. masonhellcat Says:

    Lifalia? where arrrrre youuuuuu?

  16. faystar Says:

    I reckon he don’t visit these here parts no more.

    …can’t blame the guy.

  17. masonhellcat Says:

    well it was good while it lasted i spose.
    was it something i said?

  18. Leeflang Says:

    mason…i have returned….you have probably disappeared….oh well….
    sorry man, i was called to the lunar surface on urgent business and just couldn’t get away….(no internet connection up there either….)



  19. masonhellcat Says:

    Leefers!! Good to hear you are safe and well pal!

    So yeah…as you can see I still lurk on this blog in the hope that a new entry gets posted so I can comment on it. Sad really but it keeps me amused.

    so….how’s things….?

    Leefers? YOu gone again?

  20. masonhellcat Says:

    yep…guess it’s just me and the wind these days. Me and the wind…

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