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MOVIE TOUR DAY 20 August 2007

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It wasn’t necessarily planned this way, but a week or so ago we had a bit of a movie-tour day. We’d heard about a place called Katz’s Deli where people say you simply “must” try the pastrami sandwich. Never ones to knock back food suggestions, Trinh and I took it upon ourselves to check it out. (actually, has anyone else noticed how much this blog discusses food? We might have to book an extra seat each on the plane back home to accommodate our potential girth)

Not only is Katz’s Deli famous for its sandwiches but it is also the place Meg Ryan gave us her fake orgasm in the scene from When Harry Met Sally. Need a visual reminder? Here you go:


Oh, you want MORE of a visual reminder? Well, how about this:


Thanks Meg. Well, we tried the pastrami sandwich and I must say it was quite…….well….kinda….orgasmic! We weren’t throwing our heads back and moaning in Meg Ryan proportions but we weren’t far off. We certainly let out a few “MMM’s” and “YUMM’s”.

Something to remember if you ever order a meat sandwich in America, you will get two slices of bread with ALOT of meat between them. Here’s a shot of our sandwiches to illustrate:


Vegetarians need not apply.

Keeping the Meg Ryan theme going, we also walked through the park that her and Tom Hanks met up in at the finale of “You’ve Got Mail”. Or so I’m told….it aint exactly an “Adam” movie so I really wouldn’t know. Trinh, on the other hand knew exactly where she was. The girl knows her chick flicks.



Finally, we continued the Tom Hanks connection by visiting the FAO Schwarz toy shop on 5th avenue. This is the place Tom visited in the movie “Big” and played the huge “foot piano”



Unfortunately, we didn’t get a go on it. I would have loved to push some of the kids out of the way and give everyone a rendition of the only song I can really play on piano, “Do-Re-Mi”. Alas, it wasn’t to be.

So that was our movie tour day. All the movies are strangely G-rated. I’m looking forward to a more MA or R-rated movie tour down the line.

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3 Responses to “MOVIE TOUR DAY”

  1. Leeflang Says:

    You guys need to take a Taxi Driver tour of NYC, whereby you find:
    (a) The apartment block where De Niro lays waste to the scum at the end of the film;
    (b) The building where the candidate’s office was; and
    (c) The porno theatre where Travis ignorantly takes Cybil on a date.

    p.s.: send pictures.

  2. Mason Hell-Cat Says:

    i want you guys to take a Ghostbusters tour of New York and blow up a 30 story marshmallow man.

  3. faystar Says:

    Actually, the Taxi Driver tour is a possibility. I know where those places are and I’ve already visited the porno theater a few times….did I just say that out loud? Damn.

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