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The Black Crowes – Central Park Summerstage 9/8/07 14 August 2007

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I’ve always had a soft spot for the Black Crowes. They bill themselves as “The most Rock and Roll Band In America”. I guess that depends on what you consider to be “Rock and Roll”. It’s so broad these days. I heard some boy band on TV talking about their latest album the other day and saying how much it “Rocks”. Hmm, unless I missed a meeting and the word “Rocks” now means “Sucks” I seriously doubt this boy band knows the true meaning of the word.

If “Rock” means simply old fashioned, guitar wailing good time music then I reckon The Black Crowes have every right to call themselves Rock and Roll.

For those that don’t know this band, the lead singer married, impregnated and divorced the actress Kate Hudson a few years back. Check your back-issues of New Idea and you’ll be up to speed.

The biggest critics of this band call them “derivative” and “Rolling Stones copycats”. Yeah, maybe…but who cares? Good music is good music. If you can look past all that nonsense you’ll see a nice, tight and really polished rock and roll band with some great songs.

While the show we saw last Thursday was by no means a knockout, it was a great night nonetheless. The setting was amazing; A hot summers night outdoors in Central Park.  That’s hard to beat.

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3 Responses to “The Black Crowes – Central Park Summerstage 9/8/07”

  1. Mason Hell-Cat Says:

    i just wanted to post a comment saying it’s a shame no one reading this blog appreciates your enthusiasm Ads.

    me included.

  2. faystar Says:

    Brrrrrr!…it’s cold and empty in here!

  3. Mason Hell-Cat Says:

    so….how bout them Nicks….?

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