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Seinfeld-athon!!!! 14 August 2007

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Trinh and I are Seinfeld fanatics. I think that’s safe to say. We have all the DVD’s back home and find ourselves constantly quoting lines from the show during our everyday lives. Yep, pretty geeky I know but I’m sure we’re not alone. So what better thing to do whilst in New York City than to visit a couple of the locations featured in the show?

First up was Tom’s Restaurant. Better known as “Monk’s” in the show. As you can see from the picture above it is instantly recognizable (if you ignore that fat, balding idiot standing in front of it…oh hang on, that’s me!). This is the coffee shop where Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer would meet to discuss their lives. The only thing is, the inside is nothing like it is in the show. They shot the inside of the place on a TV set, but that didn’t stop Trinh and I from going in and having lunch.

The inside of Tom’s restaurant is a pretty standard American diner/coffee shop with tables, a bar and booths. It was also the place Susanne Vega sat and wrote that song called, “Tom’s Diner”. You know, the one where she rabbles on about useless info like, “I am sitting in the morning at the diner on the corner..” and then later she fills some lines with, “Do do do do, do do do do etc etc”.

There was quite a bit of Seinfeld memorabilia on the wall including shots of the cast with the restaurant owners. The food made us both a little sick to be honest but that may have had more to do with how much we ate than the food itself. Or maybe not. Hard to say.

Next up is the famous Soup Nazi:


Ok, a bit of trivia about the soup nazi. He is indeed a real guy who ran a small soup kitchen in New York. And yes, he was famous for his temper and his strict rules when ordering soup. You don’t follow the rules and you may hear, “NO SOUP FOR YOU!”

The thing is, when Seinfeld used his character on the show, he was seriously not happy. He took great offense to being referred to as a “Soup Nazi” and hated people asking him about that episode. In fact when Jerry himself went in with some crew on a break from filming Seinfeld one day, the soup guy screamed at him and refused to serve him.

The soup guy still holds the grudge, but somewhere along the way he woke up to himself and saw the dollar potential of it all and recently has begun to turn his soup kitchen into a franchise. To his credit, he is very passionate about his soup and will not accept anything but the freshest ingredients.

What’s more, after Trinh and I tried his soup we can tell you that it is incredible. The picture above shows a Lobster Bisque and a Garden Vegetable variety that we ordered. I aint kidding when I say that Lobster bisque was the best damn soup I have ever tasted. Sorry Mum, I still like your pea and ham soup, but this stuff was incredible!

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10 Responses to “Seinfeld-athon!!!!”

  1. Mona Says:

    Yum!! You’ll have to show Raf and me where the Soup Nazi place is. I’ve always wanted to try their Jambalaya or Mullagatawny. The way Newman used to say it made it sound even more delicious. Drool …

  2. faystar Says:

    um…sounds to me like you got a little *thing* for Newman?

  3. Mason Hell-Cat Says:

    don’t we all?

  4. Mandy Fay Says:

    Maybe its because I’ve chosen to tragically stay home for the 3rd weekend in a row and the thought of Newman is grossly disturbing the enjoyment of my salmon pasta, or maybe its because my friends think a little less of me when I tell them my brother insulted Neil Finn. It could be that I am queen of the musical and can vividly recall the Chorus Line programme on mum and dad’s return from the theatre (and I’ve also seen Chicago and thought it sucked too). It could be the fact that my other two siblings are heading to the big apple, or that I dreamt about New York last night (Deb got married again – selfish!). But to tell you the truth, the real reason I felt it time for the illusive sister to come out of hiding and intervene is based purely on the monty python issue. As a Fay who has dedicated her life to the intoxicating humour of coconut shells, she has also recently been inflicted with the ‘Festival of Monty Python’ on Foxtel. Trihn… I get you.

  5. Trinh Says:

    Thanks Mandy. Not many people “get me” these days. Your brother included at times.

  6. Mandy Fay Says:

    Blimey Trinh – i think we have the very makings of a bond happening here.

  7. faystar Says:


  8. belinda Says:

    Mandy I fart in your general direction! Had I not been your sibling I’d suspect that your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberry?..If I could I’d turn you into a’d get better!! And while I’m here I’ve been meaning to talk to you about..the curtains!!!!!!!

  9. Dags Says:

    Faystar you are a deadset idiot ! 🙂 Thought I would just let you know a couple of things also about this soup nazi. He took Seinfeld the show to court & they settled out of court for an undisclosed sum. The show actually made him more popular in the future years. He only opens for 6-9 months a year & spends the rest travelling around the world to pick up more secret recipes. Also a shop opened close by called the soup nagee & he also sued them & forced them out of business. There you go, who says I’m as dumb as I look, ay ? Bits of useless info for ya !
    I had a ball in New York but had my back pack stolen so I lost all my cameras & undeveloped film so I only have my memories to live on until I get back there again. Just thought i would give the Fay a little dags to help cheer him up ! Sorry bout the grandma:( When are you back ?

  10. faystar Says:

    Onya Dags. What a wealth of useless knowledge you are too. Gotta respect that. Kinda reminds me of myself.

    …and I’ll be back in time to take the MVP at cricket this year.

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