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A Chorus Line – Broadway 11/8/07 14 August 2007

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Call me old fashioned but I just love a good musical….I don’t care how gay that sounds. Trinh and I attended our first Broadway musical on Saturday night. It was a last minute decision. We picked up the tickets Saturday morning.

Deciding which show to see came with its own complications.

You see, Trinh is really keen to see Chicago. Whereas I would rather spend the evening having my nose-hairs individually plucked than to sit through that show. I hated the movie and have still not forgiven the academy for awarding it the Best Picture Oscar a few years back. An outrage! I demand a recount! (as a footnote, Chicago beat out films such as The Pianist and Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers to win that Oscar. Crazy!?)

As for me, I want to see Spamalot, the musical based on the film, Monty Python and The Holy Grail. I’m a massive Python fan and this film is my stand-out favourite of theirs. Trinh doesn’t share my views on this. That’s cool, Monty Python can definitely be an acquired taste and certainly not for everyone.

We decided to seek mutual ground and see A Chorus Line instead. I’m really glad we did. A Chorus Line is basically a show about an audition for a Broadway show. It was fantastic. Two hours of pure entertainment. Great songs and a top-notch cast. Anyone who has seen a Broadway show will know what I’m talking about when I say there is something special about walking out onto the lights of 42nd street after a show. Very New York and very cool.

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12 Responses to “A Chorus Line – Broadway 11/8/07”

  1. Trinh Says:

    I would just like to note that I have been forced in front of Monty Python and the Holy Grail no less than 3 times, so I have grounds for what I am about to say about that movie. I hate it. The endless search for shrubbery? The knights who say nee? The clapping of coconut shells to imitate the sound of horses trotting? Why? Explain to me why on earth would these things be funny? It makes no sense?!?

  2. belinda Says:

    Save Monty for me!!!!…Trinh, I am seeing you in a new light and I’ll have you know that I plan to have some serious words with my brother with regards to his priorities.

  3. Deb Says:

    Ad, will you do something about that girlfriend of yours. She’s begining to bother me. (only joshin’). Perhaps we Fays should all go see it together. At least we will appreciate the humour! I can remember when mum and dad went to see Chorus line in Sydney. Must have been late “70’s. Mum bought the programme and I pawed over it as she described the show blow by blow. Thus the love for musical theatre was born. By the way, I LOVED Chicago the movie and would kill to see it on Broadway, so Trinh, it’s a date!!!

  4. Mason Hell-Cat Says:

    yeah but has anyone seen ‘finding nemo – on ice’? Now *that’s* amore!

  5. Mona Says:

    At the risk of incurring Trinh’s wrath, just thought I’d let you know that Spamalot is showing here in London and will most probably still be showing when you guys are here in October.

    Trinh – Chicago is showing here too and Kelly Osbourne’s in it as Mama. Shall I get us some tix? ; )

  6. faystar Says:

    Wow, Kelly Osbourne is in Chicago? At last that show gets some credibility.

  7. Trinh Says:

    Oh, the smugness!

  8. faystar Says:

    Finding Nemo…on ice isn’t a patch on Roller-derby Bambi…on concrete.

  9. Raf Says:

    pppffttt…”Stop The Planet of The Apes – I Want To Get Off” from The Simpsons – now thats a musical!

  10. faystar Says:

    hehe…one of my all-time favourite Simpsons moments.

  11. Mason Hell-Cat Says:

    Ok now that Kelly Osbourne has been mentioned I can officially leave the page!

  12. Livie Says:

    That simpsons thing is so random!

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