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Chillin’ With Neil Finn 7 August 2007

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I met up with my old friend Neil Finn today. We go way back……nah, not really. I did meet him today though!

I was down the road killing time in a guitar shop. I was salivating over all the cool guitars that I’ll never be able to afford when I spotted Neil and his son. I did what any completely sane person would do….I stalked him around the store and waited for a good moment to say hi to him. I’ve always had respect for Neil. I grew up with my big sisters playing Split Enz and I was always a pretty big fan of Crowded House.

So the moment came, I approached the great man, stuck out my hand and said, “Neil, how you going? I just wanted to say Hi.” He looked at me and smiled politely. We shook hands. After a slightly awkward silence I said, “So, you guys are playing here aren’t you?”

I knew damn well that Crowded House were playing Madison Square Garden.

He replied, “yeah, we’re playing Madison Square Garden. You coming?”

I said, “Well, it was a choice of seeing you guys or Damien Rice and we decided to see Damien Rice instead…sorry mate.”

He looked at me with what seemed like genuine anger and disappointment. I stood there thinking, “why did I just say that?!”. I had just insulted Neil Finn. Good one Adam. I needed to soften the blow…and fast! So I went with the first thing I could think of:

“Actually, it was my girlfriend, she really wanted to see Damien Rice.”

Yep, I blamed Trinh. It was completely untrue. Trinh and I never even discussed seeing Crowded House, but what could I say to Neil Finn? It was Neil Finn!

Anyway, Neil kinda laughed and said, “We are playing two nights, so if you can fit us in your budget come along”

We exchanged pleasantries and I left the scene. I was secretly hoping he would offer me free tickets but after insulting him for no good reason and choosing Damien Rice over him, I guess I ruined my chances. Sorry Neil.

I think I should also apologize to Trinh as well…..Sorry Trinh. I’m sorry for pulling you into my sad web of lies just to try and save face in front of Neil Finn.

What can I say? I suppose “Something So Strong” lead me to say hello to him. Well, “It’s Only Natural” to want to meet someone you admire. At least I didn’t go up to him and say, “Oh Neil, I wanna “Fall At Your Feet”, you have no idea what you “Mean To Me”.”

I’m surprised he didn’t tell me to get the hell out of the store and to “Take The Weather With You”. I felt like a real “Pineapple Head”. The minute I said goodbye to him I thought, ” I “Better Be Home Soon”. When I got home I scoffed the last piece of “Chocolate Cake” and went back into my own “Private Universe”.

That’s the end of this blog entry. But remember, “Don’t Dream It’s Over”.

I’m an idiot.

-Posted by Adam


23 Responses to “Chillin’ With Neil Finn”

  1. Raf Says:

    ahahaha, great story Adam! Mona is gonna flip when she reads this – she’s in love with Neil Finn (don’t ask me why…)

    I’ll be sure to remind him of your encounter when we see Crowded House in London later this year…”Hey Neil, remember that guy you ran into in NYC who brushed your band for Damien Rice? I know him!” I just hope Neil doesn’t slap me..

  2. faystar Says:

    Dude, expect that slap. First I bag-out Harry Potter and now I insult Neil Finn. Mona must truly hate me now.

  3. Mona Says:

    After reading your blog, ‘I Feel Possessed’ to write a reply. To reiterate Raf’s point, I am a ‘Sister Madly’ in love with Neil Finn and if I found myself in your situation, I would also have fallen ‘Into Temptation’ and stalked him in the guitar store. But alas, London is far away from the ‘World Where You Live’ so I won’t be able to see my beloved Neil until Crowded House come to play Wembley in December. Until then I will have to be content with reading and re-reading your blog, and hope that it won’t be a case of ‘History Never Repeats’ whereby Neil will again find himself in a guitar store somewhere in London and I will get my own opportunity to stalk him.

    I, too, am an idiot.

  4. faystar Says:

    YES! YES! YES! Absolute gold Mona!
    You have just hit legend status in my eyes.
    From one idiot to another, I applaud you. As for Neil, I think he too would applaud you.

  5. Raf Says:

    And if I run into Neil at a guitar shop, I shall ask him to show me his “Heart Of Gold” and buy me a guitar….ah crap, that’s Neil Young…

    I’m no good at this game….

  6. Deb Says:

    You are totally kidding me! You actually met Neil Finn! That is such a cool, New York kinda thing to do. By the way, I bet I’m older than you Mona and that means I’ve loved Neil for longer so he’s mine girlfriend! I even loved him when he had silly hair and wore make-up. I wrote 1000 times “I love Split enz” and sent it into countdown hoping they would be enthused by my adoration and invite me on the show to meet them. I entered a competition to design their “true colours” LP jacket (god I’m old)when it went platinum and gold- I coloured it platinum and gold….still can’t understand how I didn’t win that one. And now, 25 years later fate strikes a viscious blow and my little brother meets my hero in a store and fobs him off for some here- today-gone-tommorrow half talent. I would never have done that to you Neil….If it was me who met you I just would have said, “I got you…and that’s all I want”

  7. Leeflang Says:

    Jeez buddy….Patton, Crowe, Smith and now Finn….who’s next in your long line of famous meets? I bet you’d run into Jim Varney if he was still alive.

  8. faystar Says:

    Ok Deb you win. You love Neil the most. Now deep breaths Deb, deep breaths…relax and call the nurse. Ask her to up the medication. I’m sorry I met Neil instead of you sweety but we both know you aren’t allowed within 15feet of him or you’ll breach the A.V.O he has out on you. We don’t want a repeat of what happened when you stalked John Paul Young do we?

  9. Deb Says:

    Mmmmm, so you remember my JPY gymboots then. Ok, NURSE!!!!!

  10. belinda Says:

    …i’ve actually always had a soft spot for Neil, clearly Deb and Mona are huge fans, but ‘I will shake off this mortal toil’ because’somewhere deep inside’ you all know that given the choice he’d pick me!!

  11. belinda Says:

    ok, just checked the lyrics, sorry if I’ve offended you fans out there who actually KNOW the words…how embarrassing!!

  12. Mason Hell-Cat Says:

    i still can’t get over the fact you went to see the 2006 Australian Idol winner over Crowded House! Damien Rice! Pfffftt…..

  13. belinda Says:

    Mason you do know you’ve got the wrong Damien …don’t you?? Or am I just missing your humour?

  14. Livie Says:

    Hi everybody! I am your yougest reader or ‘faystars’ blog YAY!!!

  15. faystar Says:

    Hi Livie!
    Thanks for reading my blog. If you see your uncle Ad using any rude words in this blog, he only uses them because he’s really naughty and a bit lazy.
    Using rude words when writing is really, really bad and only for people who are too dumb to come up with “real” words.
    Thanks for posting a comment Liv! Say hi to your little brothers for me!

  16. faystar Says:

    oh, and Belinda…totally missing the humour buddy.

  17. Mason Hell-Cat Says:

    Livie be particularly careful if Adam uses the word poopy-pants or ding-dang.
    They aren’t clever words nor are they funny. He just get’s a little “emotional” sometimes.

  18. belinda Says:

    god I feel so stupid.

  19. belinda Says:

    woops….modified version for minors…..

    golly gosh I feel so silly

  20. Leeflang Says:

    Do we really have to tone the language of this blog down? I mean all the kids know words like (bleep!) and (bleep!) and (bleebleebleebleep!) these days. I mean, what the (bleep!)?! This (bleep!) blog is (bleep!)!

  21. Trinh Says:

    This is exactly like watching US TV. I never knew “mother mother” was an expression until now.

  22. Livie Says:

    I caused all this! wow! And ding-dang is NOT a rude word!

  23. Mason Hell-Cat Says:

    it is where *I* come from!!

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