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Bourne Again 6 August 2007

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We skipped along to see this flick a few nights ago. I forgot that it was opening weekend and we ended up standing in a line that stretched down the street to get into the cinema.

Before I go on I should mention that Trinh and I had a great meal beforehand at Little Italy. It was my first visit to that area of New York and it’s now my new favourite spot in the city. It’s quite a small street but is lined with Italian restaurants and cool shops. Crowds stroll up and down the street and take in the vibe. It’s an amazing place. I wanted to go into the bar where they shot a few Sopranos scenes (and I think Goodfellas too) but we had to hurry up and eat to catch the movie. I’ll Save that for another time. I don’t think I’ve tasted better pasta in my life at the restaurant we chose.

Back to the movie. I saw the previous Bourne movies and they were both pretty good. Enjoyable, but not really memorable in my eyes. I had a gut-feeling this one was special and I was spot on. Man, what a cool ride! It’s the kind of movie that is pure entertainment. Great action, great acting, really well shot. Anyone who knows me will testify to the fact that I can be pretty picky with my movie choices, but this is one of the most entertaining films I’ve ever seen. I’ve always been more of a Matt Damon man than a Ben Affleck man. I never fell for Affleck’s cheesey charm. Damon is just a nice guy. You can imagine hanging out with him at a pub and sharing a few beers. I’m glad he’s become the superstar he is. We need more guys like him in movies. No ego, just pure acting chops.

Anyway, maybe it was the fact that the third act of the movie was shot right near our apartment in New York that made it even cooler. Infact, it was kind of surreal that some of the car chase scene even whizzed by the cinema we were sitting in. Trinh was nudging me every time she recognized a spot we’ve been in New York on the big screen. Trinh actually saw part of this film being shot in our street when she arrived here a few months back.

It was just a very cool movie. I don’t know if it’s out in Oz yet, but go see it when it is. Tell ’em Adam sent ya!
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7 Responses to “Bourne Again”

  1. belinda Says:

    I know what’s going on here; you’re just in that constant state of euphoria ’cause you’re living in NYC and you’re seeing the world through rose coloured glasses and everything is beautiful!! I don’t know if I can believe anything you say for the next few months.It’s highly probable that the movie was absolute crap and as for that pasta you had;someone pass me a barf bag!

  2. belinda Says:

    …or maybe I’m just a twisted and jealous sister??

  3. faystar Says:

    Hey you may be right…..about the jealous and twisted sister thing of course.

  4. Leeflang Says:

    Speaking of barf bags, the way the second film was shot nearly made me hurl….all those stupid jerky camera movements that’ve become so hip…keep the damn camera still so we can see what’s going on!
    So, if it’s anything like that, Bourne can take his ultimatum and shove it.

  5. Mason Hell-Cat Says:

    what made me nearly hurl was Ads saying “Damon is just a nice guy. You can imagine hanging out with him at a pub and sharing a few beers”. I could see myself glassing Damon before having a beer with him!

  6. faystar Says:

    Mason, I just had a beer with Matt Damon and told him what you said. You are SO not invited to his next film premiere, The Bourne Redundancy.
    Oh, and he said a few nasty things about some movie he saw you in….something about an umbrella?? I didn’t know what he was referring to but it sounded really silly.

  7. Mason Hell-Cat Says:

    i know nothing, i know nothing.

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