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Ode To The Margarita 3 August 2007

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 The humble margarita. So unassuming. So pleasant to the eye. Surely no bad could come from drinking this delightful beverage? WRONG. Trinh and I are today in damage-control mode after a night out with some friends. It was a great night….I think. We all met at a bar (Zanzibar in Hells Kitchen) where we chatted and sipped a drink. We then moved down the road to a Mexican restaurant. The place was packed. It seemed like a very cool joint, but being a party of seven people, we had to wait about 45 minutes for a table. No probs, the restaurant had a small bar area where we could wait. That’s when the margarita’s came out. The bar offered three sizes: Child, Father and Big Mamma size. Me being the extremely humorous guy that I am, I joked by saying, “Give me the whole family!”. Oh, the wit! The comic genius! Luckily I didn’t follow through on that. We all opted for the father size. The Mamma size came in a glass almost as big as a toilet bowl….which later became rather ironic.

We got our table and enjoyed the great Mexican food while continuing to sip away on margaritas. I wish I could tell you more about the evening but it would be complete speculation from that point on. All I know is that I woke up today with a “Big Mamma” sized hangover. Poor Trinh had to go to work. If I could muster the strength, I would stand up and applaud her for this….but I’m afraid that is simply not possible.

My thanks to you, oh humble margarita! For you tempted me with your pretty facade and deliciously supple flavour….only to later hurt me with your cruel sting and vicious after-effect.

Oh the humanity!

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9 Responses to “Ode To The Margarita”

  1. Leeflang Says:

    Margarita….I think that was the drink that turned me off alcohol….the elixir of Satan himself….
    Unassuming, like the dark lord, yet with an unhealthy desire to wreak mayhem….you make a pact with the Margarita, and it promises you enlightenment and riches with it’s delicious texture – and as your relationship begins, all seems excellent….later, when you least expect it, the Margarita comes to collect your soul….
    You’re in God’s hands now, my friend….

  2. faystar Says:

    Mate, I should have got you to write that blog entry. You described it better than me and kicked my arse in the writing stakes as always. All hail the Wsdrick!

  3. faystar Says:

    I of course meant “Wadrick”. My apologies.

  4. Leeflang Says:

    Wsdrick is fine with me.

  5. Mason Hell-Cat Says:

    what about Walter? would you have been happy to have been referred to as Walter? I don’t know of any Walters…though i did once know a Walt….surely that’s short for Walter? Waltred? nah…that doesn’t make sense. He must have been a Walter after all. He seemed quite happy with his name. Well I mean I never asked him but he never really brought it up in conversation as an annoyance.

  6. faystar Says:

    I’ve always liked the name Wendell.

  7. Leeflang Says:

    My friends…
    Walter is pleasing to the ear and is a name you rarely hear these days…I can’t think of many famous Walters either….Walter Raleigh….Walter, umm….
    Anyway, I like it…please now refer to me as Walter…
    My gracious acceptance of your kind offer of a new name, Mason….
    Best regards,
    Walter (formerly known as Wadrick/Wsdrick)
    p.s.: Sorry Fay, Wendell reminds me of that song….

  8. Livie Says:

    tsk tsk adam i thought you were responsible!

  9. Roadahmap Says:

    Interesting blogpost, I did not thought reading it was going to be so cool when I looked at your title.

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