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Natural History Museum 30 July 2007

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Trinh and I spent our first Saturday together exploring this museum. No sign of Ben Stiller and absolutely no exhibits came to life. Bit of a bummer. It’s almost as if that movie was all make-believe. Still, it’s a pretty cool place to visit. The museum itself is housed in a massive space in Central Park. There are four huge floors of exhibits. We were exhausted by the second floor. By the time we got to the fourth floor where all the cool dinosaurs were, we were pretty over the whole thing. Even the massive T-Rex couldn’t muster up much enthusiasm out of us. Sure, he was the most fearsome carnivore to ever walk the earth and a truly fascinating killing machine, but unless he could point us to the nearest comfy chair and Starbucks coffee shop, he could “talk to the hand” as far as we were concerned. Sorry T-Rex, I’m sure you were pretty awesome back then, but what have you done for me lately kiddo?

I think the Natural History Museum is a two-day trip.

Here’s a shot of Trinh and I walking through the museum. People seemed more fascinated with us than the exhibits. I guess New Yorkers just love Aussies.Here’s a shot of Trinh and I walking through the museum. For some reason, people seemed more fascinated with us than the exhibits. I guess New Yorkers just love Aussies.

We also went to see the new Harry Potter film at night. The things I do for Trinh. Sorry to all you Potter fans but I just can’t keep my eyes open during these movies. I’ve been dragged to five of them now and all five times I have tried my best to extract something, ANYTHING enjoyable out of them but I always end up asleep and dribbling on Trinh’s shoulder. What am I missing? And this is from a guy who finds it almost impossible to sleep upright. I am wide awake during long plane flights because I can’t sleep without laying down…..but the minute I see a Harry Potter film in a cinema I’m snoring away like a newborn (I guess I know what film to watch on the flight back home). Hey, I’m sure the books are good and all, but surely I can’t be alone in thinking the movies are downright tedious? I feel like I’m alone here. Someone must agree? Who’s with me? Can I get an “Amen”?

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17 Responses to “Natural History Museum”

  1. belinda Says:

    I’m crying (literally) over the museum day out and film evening. By the way, I really like what you’ve both done with your hair…all of it!!

  2. Deb Says:

    Did you do something to you hair, I was just going to say that it’s nice to see that you too haven’t changed much since you left Oz. Yadayadayada!

  3. Deb Says:

    Oh ok, on closer inpection I can see the change…I think your willie has grown Ad!

  4. faystar Says:

    The saddest thing is that the penis in that shot is to scale.
    So you coming over or what Linny??

  5. faystar Says:

    I’m just a little creeped out that you mentioned my willie Deb.

  6. Mason Hell-Cat Says:

    Im just a little creeped out that the word willie is being used to describe the ding-dang.

  7. belinda Says:

    AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ! !…..DING-DANG, I love that one, might start using it myself if that’s ok.

  8. faystar Says:

    Please people, I must moderate this. Can we stop referring to my Ding-Dang please?
    ….his name is Mr Floppy. Show some respect to him.

  9. belinda Says:

    AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! MR FLOPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Leeflang Says:

    Now listen all you silly people – Adam can’t help that he has a hair growth problem, nor that his genitalia began to shrivel at an early age, so leave the man alone.

    On a lighter note – I tried watching a Harry Potter film on “cable” (as the Yanks would say), and I’m with ya buddy….woke up drooling on my own shoulder – so here’s a raucous “Amen” for ya, Faystar….boring, boring, boring.

  11. faystar Says:

    In reality, I WISH I had a hair growth problem. Seems the reverse is true unfortunately. You know what I mean Wadrick.
    Yay! We have our first anti-Harry Potter comment! We gotta stick together mate, Harry Potter fans are everywhere. Stay strong. Be positive. Keep fighting the good fight!

  12. Mason Hell-Cat Says:

    us hair growth problem brothers should stick together! All for one and one for all!

  13. faystar Says:

    Amen brother.

  14. livie Says:

    You guys are sooo funny!

  15. faystar Says:

    I’ll take hair over funny any day.

  16. Leeflang Says:

    Amen to that!

  17. Mason Hell-Cat Says:


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