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The White Stripes: Madison Square Garden 24/7/07 25 July 2007

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Any lingering sign of jetlag was blown out of my system last night by Jack White and his so-called sister Meg. We gingerly strolled five minutes down the road to Madison Square Garden to watch them. Being a two member band with Jack on guitar and Meg on drums and trying to entertain a capacity Madison Square Garden sounded like a pretty mean feat, but the White Stripes did it with complete ease. Infact, they held the crowd in the palm of their hands. I’ve seen many arena concerts in my time and I can tell you they outperformed bands with two or three times as many members.

I first saw them a few years ago at the Big Day Out in Sydney. They were pretty unknown and on a small stage. I thought they were brilliant….so much so that I wanted to take their schtick and find myself a cool female drummer and form a two-piece band of my own.  That never eventuated of course. Not enough female drummers in Sydney I guess….either that or my sucky guitar playing could never sustain a two-piece band.  Alot of the crowd didn’t know how to take The White Stripes back then. There were one or two raised middle fingers in the air. How times have changed. Rolling Stone just voted them one of the best live bands around and the crowd last night couldn’t get enough.

And boy, that Jack White kat can sure weild an axe! With no bassplayer, you gotta make your guitar playing more interesting and Jack made you forget bassplayers even existed with his sloppy, boppy, super schlocky guitar rocky.

Kudos to Trinh, who didn’t know 98% of their stuff, but still got into the vibe of the night and swung the hips to many tunes. She gave nice big grin of recognition when they finally played their most well-known song, “Seven Nation Army” or as Trinh calls it, “That Witchita Song”. There was much rejoicing.

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15 Responses to “The White Stripes: Madison Square Garden 24/7/07”

  1. Raf Says:

    Mona & I have got tickets to see them here in London in November. Woo hoo!

  2. faystar Says:

    Cool Raf…have you checked out who’s playing in NY while you are here? Don’t think there is much unfortunately.
    Thanks for the comment mate, now I don’t feel so bad for ambushing your blog with my comments. Apologies to Mona about my Harry Potter bashing, I know she’s a fan.

  3. Mona Says:

    Apologies accepted Adam although I’m surprised Trinh let it through … enjoying the blog! P.S. With reference to the post after this one and at risk of sounding too risque, I like the term ‘wang’, as in ‘hang out with my wang out’

  4. Trinh Says:

    Adam’s little Harry Potter rant went through without my knowledge. He may be a bit bitter as I’ve shown Harry a little more attention in the last few days. Just finished the book last night. What an ending! can’t wait to get your views..

  5. faystar Says:

    hehehehe…”wang”. I love it! Onya Mona. Brilliant.

  6. belinda Says:

    Sorry Trinh, no comments on this blog page (is that the right terminology?) I’m saving Harry for my flight to the US…..AAAAAAAAHHHHH I’M SO EXCITED!!!

  7. Trinh Says:

    All discussions about the last instalment of Harry Potter will be taken offline. You will love the last book (I don’t think I’m giving too much away there). I can’t believe there is no more Harry Potter (as in books – not a reference to whether he lives or dies).

  8. Leeflang Says:

    Yo….I’m going crazy down here that you saw the White Stripes at Madison Sq Garden no less….I’ve never seen them….doesn’t that just make you sick? I love those guys….
    p.s.: Harry Potter sucks.

  9. faystar Says:

    I did think of you mate, when Meg sang one of her songs. I recall you not being the biggest fan of her tunes. True, they are no match for Jack’s.

  10. simon Says:

    gotta agree with you on the harry potter and the scam of the century. they said on the movie show that some girl who won a competition to be in the movie was a better actor than the cast, though i havnt seen the last 3 or 4 i would guess that my dirty undies can act better than that cast and i know what to do next time i have insomnia. but white stripes, i cannot concurr but havnt seen them but all other similar lineups have left me wanting. he must be slash,jimmy and robert plant rolled into one to make up for the dodgy drums and no bass. but i’m going to give them a chance given your enthusiastic recommendation. have fun

  11. faystar Says:

    Ah, Simbo…as subtle as ever. Although I never want to see your dirty undies act in any movie, I thank you for your input buddy.
    As for White Stripes, I think you’d dig them given time. I know you like your big sounds and instruments, but you’d be surprised how good a 2-piece can sound.
    Take care mate.

  12. Leeflang Says:

    I second that motion on the acting undies….

  13. Mason Hell-Cat Says:

    i can feel a motion in my undies as we speak..

  14. maoshuang Says:

    hello,I’m form longer ease,It is chinese.
    good luck to you!

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