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Natural History Museum 30 July 2007

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Trinh and I spent our first Saturday together exploring this museum. No sign of Ben Stiller and absolutely no exhibits came to life. Bit of a bummer. It’s almost as if that movie was all make-believe. Still, it’s a pretty cool place to visit. The museum itself is housed in a massive space in Central Park. There are four huge floors of exhibits. We were exhausted by the second floor. By the time we got to the fourth floor where all the cool dinosaurs were, we were pretty over the whole thing. Even the massive T-Rex couldn’t muster up much enthusiasm out of us. Sure, he was the most fearsome carnivore to ever walk the earth and a truly fascinating killing machine, but unless he could point us to the nearest comfy chair and Starbucks coffee shop, he could “talk to the hand” as far as we were concerned. Sorry T-Rex, I’m sure you were pretty awesome back then, but what have you done for me lately kiddo?

I think the Natural History Museum is a two-day trip.

Here’s a shot of Trinh and I walking through the museum. People seemed more fascinated with us than the exhibits. I guess New Yorkers just love Aussies.Here’s a shot of Trinh and I walking through the museum. For some reason, people seemed more fascinated with us than the exhibits. I guess New Yorkers just love Aussies.

We also went to see the new Harry Potter film at night. The things I do for Trinh. Sorry to all you Potter fans but I just can’t keep my eyes open during these movies. I’ve been dragged to five of them now and all five times I have tried my best to extract something, ANYTHING enjoyable out of them but I always end up asleep and dribbling on Trinh’s shoulder. What am I missing? And this is from a guy who finds it almost impossible to sleep upright. I am wide awake during long plane flights because I can’t sleep without laying down…..but the minute I see a Harry Potter film in a cinema I’m snoring away like a newborn (I guess I know what film to watch on the flight back home). Hey, I’m sure the books are good and all, but surely I can’t be alone in thinking the movies are downright tedious? I feel like I’m alone here. Someone must agree? Who’s with me? Can I get an “Amen”?

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Cuban food mystery solved! 25 July 2007

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Trinh and I went out for dinner a couple of nights ago. We strolled up to Greenwich Village, stopped in a bar for a couple of drinks then sat down at a Cuban restaurant. It was a great little place with a buzzy atmosphere. Neither of us had tried Cuban food before and had no idea what we were in for. Turns out Cuban is simply Mexican food without the cheese and fat. Pretty simple. You got your beans, rice, chicken, beef etc all served up without the ingredients that block your arteries. Trinh and I declared Cuba to posess an all round successful culture of food. Of course, we declared this after a couple of glasses of tasty Sangria so who knows what the hell we were on about.

Cuban food….take it from Castro, it’s worth falling head first for!

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The White Stripes: Madison Square Garden 24/7/07

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Any lingering sign of jetlag was blown out of my system last night by Jack White and his so-called sister Meg. We gingerly strolled five minutes down the road to Madison Square Garden to watch them. Being a two member band with Jack on guitar and Meg on drums and trying to entertain a capacity Madison Square Garden sounded like a pretty mean feat, but the White Stripes did it with complete ease. Infact, they held the crowd in the palm of their hands. I’ve seen many arena concerts in my time and I can tell you they outperformed bands with two or three times as many members.

I first saw them a few years ago at the Big Day Out in Sydney. They were pretty unknown and on a small stage. I thought they were brilliant….so much so that I wanted to take their schtick and find myself a cool female drummer and form a two-piece band of my own.  That never eventuated of course. Not enough female drummers in Sydney I guess….either that or my sucky guitar playing could never sustain a two-piece band.  Alot of the crowd didn’t know how to take The White Stripes back then. There were one or two raised middle fingers in the air. How times have changed. Rolling Stone just voted them one of the best live bands around and the crowd last night couldn’t get enough.

And boy, that Jack White kat can sure weild an axe! With no bassplayer, you gotta make your guitar playing more interesting and Jack made you forget bassplayers even existed with his sloppy, boppy, super schlocky guitar rocky.

Kudos to Trinh, who didn’t know 98% of their stuff, but still got into the vibe of the night and swung the hips to many tunes. She gave nice big grin of recognition when they finally played their most well-known song, “Seven Nation Army” or as Trinh calls it, “That Witchita Song”. There was much rejoicing.

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Day 1. The Faystar Arrives… 23 July 2007

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After 22 hours of sheer agony on board the aircraft of death, I finally arrived here in New York completely shaken and a little stirred. It was great to see Trinh after a month apart and might I add, she is looking damn fine! Far from the delicate flower that I saw 4 weeks ago, she is now an independent and sassy New York high flyer. She showed me around our great little apartment and took me to the roof of the complex which was so awesome that I almost spun around and broke out into Sinatra tunes. Great view of the city.

For those that don’t know, we are situated in Chelsea. It’s about a 10 minute walk to times square, just around the corner from the Empire State Building…..infact, I have a view of the Empire State from my desk in the apartment where I write now. Yep, pretty darn cool huh?

Unfortunately, only an hour or so after arriving last night I was told that my Grandmother had passed away. She died peacefully surrounded by family. She was a remarkable woman who had a long and eventful life. I really admired her and will miss her. I’m upset that I won’t be able to attend the funeral, but I’ll of course be thinking of her. I suppose all I can do is dedicate this small space to Iris Hassard. A great woman.

After being told how hot and sunny it has been in New York recently, I woke up today to the sound of pouring rain. Go figure. It’s ok though, it has given me a chance to get settled and mourn a little. Going to hit Greenwich Village tonight and have dinner somewhere. Should be great.

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